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Rug Accessories


Needless to say, sheep wool is one of the basic elements in the carpet industry; it is usually used to weave the pile of a carpet. Many years ago some of the Hamedan and Baluch rugs were woven with camel wool.Iranian sheep have thick wool and more than 60-70 % of the wool is the hetro type species.Due to this fact, it is a very suitable material for carpets as the wrap is thick, coarse and strong.The quality of wool obtained from sheep raised in mild and mountainous areas is much better than that from sheep that are pastured in humid and low-lying grazing land.Moreover, the quality of wool sheared from sheep in the spring is always better than that sheared in the autumn.


Cotton fibre has an important role in the carpet weaving industry and it has seen increased use for weaving the wrap and weft of the carpet.Moths are not attracted to cotton, if the warp and weft of carpets are made of cotton; they only damage the pile without causing any holes.It is much easier to create a new layer of pile on the lattice of the warp and weft that has been left intact.Cotton fibre is not good for making the pile of a rug; instead due to its strength and inflexibility it is suitable for making the warp and weft.

Under pad usage is for rugs to breathe and not to slip and it will keep the rug in shape. Under pad available for hardwood floor and wall to wall carpet and ceramic floor. (10 year warranty from manufacture)

all kind of wools for weaving and repairingleather and support bindingscissors,needles and special knife for weavingcotton thread silk thread and wool thread