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Ten recommendations

1.Keep the carpet protected from sunrays by heavy curtains or shutters. 2.No object that is damp or likely to cause dampness should be place on the carpet. 3.To prevent localised wear and tear, occasionally move or turn the carpet so that the normal pattern of traffic is spread uniformly over different parts of the carpet. 4.Carpets should not be spread under doors. The lack of space between the bottom of the door and the carpet can cause the carpet to fold and suffer excessive wear and tear. 5.On hard surfaces such as marble or linoleum the carpet should have an underlay or padding made of polyester to prevent sliding of the carpet, especially silk ones. 6.The runners that are placed on stairs must be fixed on both sides with metal rods to prevent them from sliding. Once in a while the runners should be pulled by a few centimeters up or down to ensure uniform wear and tear. 7.if the carpet is spread over stone surface or on mosaic, it should be ensured that the joints are not sharp and uneven8.The leg of a chair , sofa , table or any other heavy item of furniture damages the pile of carpet. A small piece of linoleum, wood or other similar type of material should be put under the legs of these object to protect wear and tear of the carpet. 9.The portion of the carpet that remains under the bed or under any other piece of furniture should be frequently exposed to sunlight and fresh air , as the lack of these might lead to growth of moths. 10.Keep the carpet clean. Its the most important recommendation. Cleanliness ensures longevity and perfect form.